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Are you looking for the best Indian restaurant in Issaquah, WA? Then this is the right place for you. Naan Twist in Issaquah, WA, is the place where all the authentic and traditional Indian food is served. We always provide you with the best services along with yummy Indian food, and that’s why we are the best Indian restaurant in Issaquah, WA. We lead your way to delightful taste, and you will be amazed by the flavors for sure.

Naan Twist is committed to providing you with the best Indian food in Issaquah, WA. Here each dish is made with fresh vegetables, meat, traditional Indian spices, and unique herbs. So you will get a unique taste in every dish and fall in love with every bite. Naan Twist in Issaquah, WA, has amazing ambience and friendly staff.

At Naan Twist in Issaquah, WA, our authentic and traditional Indian dishes are articulated to tease your palate. So are you ready to get a divine experience of Indian flavors at Naan Twist? Yes, then visit us today and savor the best Indian delicacies at the best price!
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Indian food tastes so unique and irresistible! Naan Twist offers the best Indian cuisine in Issaquah, WA, that will satisfy your taste buds, and every bite feels like a divine experience. Our menu comprises non-vegetarian and vegetarian Indian dishes, pizza varieties, seafood dishes, and many more immensely delicious dishes that make your day delicious and satisfying. So, reserve your table now and make your dining experience memorable with us, or place your order online directly from our website!

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